Sycamore Lane Therapeutic Riding Center

From the day’s events at Rocky Top Arena: Candid  #0003 Candid  #0038 Candid  #0041 Candid  #0042 Candid  #0043 Candid  #0056 Candid  #0058 Candid  #0062 Candid  #0063 Candid  #0083 Candid  #0099 Candid  #0125 Candid  #0140

It was brought to my attention by that many of you are unaware of who and what Sycamore Lane Therapeutic Riding Center is all about. You may go to and see all the great things that are happening. We became involved with this center when we learned of the Veterans program they started and found out there was a need for funds to help this program grow. After a few meetings we were set to go. The first benefit race was last July and was a one day race. We were successful with the race and we were able, with the help of all that supported the race, to donate $5,000 to client services of Sycamore Lane to help our Veterans. This year we decided to move to Rocky Top Arena and have a two day race. With your support we will be able to make another sizeable donation to help keep the Veterans program going and growing. The Veterans program is designed to help our wounded warriors. Many come back from deployment with PTSD. Many come back with physical injuries and disabilities. The program at Sycamore Lane is designed to help the Veteran with whatever therapy they need. Sycamore Lane Executive Director Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio and several of the volunteers and Veterans will be at our race. They will have a booth in the vendor area and I urge you to take the time to go by and introduce yourself and visit with them. Also, the Veterans group from Sycamore Lane will be doing our Grand Entry and the National Anthem. We will have a special Sycamore Lane Class that will allow some of the clients to “run the barrels”. This is something you will want to watch. Such inspiration. Our race theme is “therapy”. I believe 99 percent of us that will be at the race will understand the bond between a horse and their human. My horse is my therapy, and this year you will see this proud photographer standing behind his camera as my nephew, who served two tours of Iraq enters the arena on my horse “High Dollar” carrying the American Flag. If you see my eyes watering or prehaps a tear roll down my cheek, know it is because of several emotions, but mostly because my Veteran came back home, he has some battle scars, as they all do, but he came back home. I will forever be grateful for his service and the service of all those who have served. And, because of this, I am proud to be a part of this race. A hugh thanks to Darcy Lynn for her financial support for this race. We will be celebrating Darcy’s 50th birthday on Saturday, so lots of exciting things happening. Come to our race, support our Veterans, and above all be thankful we have the freedom to spend the weekend together doing what we love to do…therapy with our horses. See you at Rocky Top.

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